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Professional Custom Kitchen Cabinets
in Victoria, BC

Looking to build your dream kitchen cabinets in Victoria, BC? Find your style by browsing our three galleries below.
IKAB designs and manufactures quality kitchen cabinets in Victoria, BC, to make your vision possible.

Showcased are three unique styles: Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary.

Here you will find a gallery of some of our custom kitchen cabinets projects in Victoria BC and surrounding areas. To make navigation easier, we have categorized our photos by the style of the project. A brief definition of the styles are as follows:

Traditional kitchen cabinets in Victoria BC


Transitional kitchen cabinets in Victoria BC


Contemporary kitchen cabinets in Victoria BC


Traditional: This style will be reminiscent of old 18th century Furniture. Millwork accents consist of columns, flutes and Bead-board paneling. Neutral colors are most common, With natural rustic wood being a very popular choice for floors and even countertops.

Transitional: Caught in the middle is the transitional style. Transitional carries characteristics from both a contemporary modern feel and the tried and true traditional style. The best way to describe transitional is a mix of the old with the new. Often clients like some features of both transitional and contemporary. When we incorporate their ideas together the result is a transitional design.

Contemporary: This style is clean, straight lines and often broadcasts bright colors and glossy finishes. The latest hardware is often incorporated as to get the best use of space. Appliances are flush mounted or often hidden behind cabinet doors. Stainless steel accents, frosty glass doors and large handles are just some of the common appearances in a contemporary design. Flat slab fronts, and square edges are the norm. Lighting is not just for function, but also design, used to accent the beauty of the kitchen.

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